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    1. 0755-29783957

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      HAPPYFIELD PACKAGING MACHINERYAbout the packaging machinery of HappyField

      Shenzhen HappyField Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is a prominent manufacturing service provider in China's printing equipment manufacturing industry. It is a high-tech private enterprise with fast development speed, advanced technology and high equipment precision in the industry of intaglio equipment manufacturing in China. The company produces gravure press, solvent-free composite machine sold to the printing market at home and abroad. We do not compare with the world. We only promise China to make good and stable.

      For many years, HappyField is holding the "Shenzhen speed, the quality of the quality" of the business calendar, with the goal of "creating the production enterprise of high quality intaglio equipment in China", managing and promoting enterprise progress according to the ISO2001 9000 standard, actively promoting the product development concept of "environmental protection, high efficiency, health and safety" in the packaging and printing industry and developing the product development concept. And has sold a series of high quality intaglio printing equipment.

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